Federal Financial System Support

Financial System Implementation:

Federal Agencies are increasingly automating the financial processes with Oracle and PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning systems in order to boost efficiency and reduce costs in their financial operations as well as meet federal mandates for greater transparency and reporting capabilities. By providing a central repository for different types of data across an organization, the systems facilitate the flow of information within the agency line of businesses and across agencies and manage connections to outside stakeholders through various other systems.

ERP systems are very complex projects that needs years of experience in the business processes to smoothly implement. Tachys is well experienced in System integration of large ERP systems with the full understanding of the clients’ unique business requirements.

Financial Support Services:

Financial systems, once implemented needs resources to support for daily tasks and activities. Tachys resources have years of experience supporting these financial systems for large federal agencies.

Our resources are experienced in the following areas:

Support of Managerial Cost Accounting system:

Enables agency management to understand the full cost of providing services to their customers. The agencies use managerial cost accounting system to report the total cost of agency programs, projects and activities. The agency’s Cost Accounting System (CAS) collects data on all costs with projects and tasks, (assign one if not associated with a proper project) and gives management an accurate reporting of labor and non-labor costs and overhead costs.

Reconciliation of accounting data:

Tachys resources are well experienced in reconciliation activities. Data collected from different sources like financial management system and other operational data stores when transformed to a data mart there are chances the same data is duplicated and can report mis-statements of dollar amounts. By checks and balancing done at various levels ensures a well-qualified data for reporting.