Tachys team is involved in health care software application development in various platforms since it’s inception. We have helped the Oncology practices in the Washington metro area with many applications that connect patients with physicians and other social networks.

Tachys team developed one of the best oncology portal for physicians to share their knowledge and help the community they serve better.

Our team is quick in identifying the potential of mobile OS in health care. We are one of the few started developing applications in Mobile OS such as iPhone/iPad since its introduction by Apple in the market. Some of our apps are:

1. Chemo regimen calculator – Dosage calculator and reference materials for regimens.

2. JAR – Journal abstract reader. A mobile device exclusive reader app that combines medical journals across all specialties and deliver to you in one single area.

3. OPERA – Out patient Education and research application. While the patient is in waiting room they can gain knowledge about their disease through various materials like videos, handouts and interact socially with other patients and play games all in one app.

4. TNM – Tumor/Node/Metastasis. – Based on the combination of diagnosis graphically visualize the cancer spread in different areas of the body.