Mobile presence for your core business is a must to have technology in today’s economy. A well-defined strategy for your mobile presence leads to more business reach outs. Choosing Tachys for your mobile application needs not only fetch you additional revenue but also adds value to your business. Tachys resources have years of mobile application development experience, particularly in Health care domain and other Industry sectors

Tachys mobile team stands with you shoulder to shoulder in identifying the need to a complete product readiness. We do:

  • iPhone/iPad application development and deployment
  • Cloud based mobile and web applications
  • Mobile video content streaming for iPhone using HTTP Live Streaming
  • Hybrid iPhone applications using Core data and Push notifications
  • iPhone Game Software development using Apple Core APIs


Identify your critical business area that needs a mobile presence along with your domain experts and outline all the key areas in a draft statement.

Process flow:

Visualization of business process gives a holistic view of your application and easily identifies potential functional risks that are not addressed in the flow. A well thought and scripted application with wire-diagrams can avoid costly business changes in the future. We have excellent business architects who are experienced in story boarding to wire-framing to business process flows and UML ing your complete applications.

UI/Visual effects:

The success of Mobile applications heavily relies on UI/Visual effects. Tachys resources are well advanced in graphic design and art work. We are here to invest our time in giving your work the graphical touch that it is unique only to your application. Our graphics designers and UI experts are here to help you with the layout of your app.


Development & Deployment:

Our technology professionals have years of experience working on mobile applications and are quickly adaptive to new technologies that are introduced in the market. Our training force makes sure our developers are constantly in touch with the latest developments in mobile technology.


Every mobile apps regardless of the scope of the application, needs a thorough Quality process before it goes to production. Our Testing team makes sure the product is 100% reliable before it is deployed to the store.

Continued support:

Once the app is delivered we are not washing our hands. We need to have a lasting relationship with all our customers. Even after going through a complete lifecycle, there may be still something necessary as an add-on. Do not worry. We are here to help you with an ongoing support.